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Crypto login permits trade in more than 150 cryptocurrencies that too at a minimum cost. This online exchange platform also offers Visa Cards and a change to earn several rewards & benefits. Using a Crypto login account gives extra advantages to its users for growing their crypto portfolio. If you are interested in creating an account on this exchange then you need to follow this post for full details about Crypto login.

Steps to Sign up Crypto Login Wallet 

  • Launch the Crypto login page.
  • Or, spot
  • Tap on the Sign up option visible on this page.
  • Then, write your first name, last name, date of birth, email address and Nationality.
  • Enter the password two times and type the referral code.
  • To accept the agreement tick the box visible over the screen.
  • After that, you need to complete the human verification procedure and hit the Create Account option
  • To complete the email verification submit the OTP you have received in your email address.
  • For your mobile number verification you have to enter the OTP again.
  • Now, follow the easy prompts that appear on the screen and you are done with the procedure. 

Steps to Log in the Crypto Login Account 

Methods to log in to a Crypto login account are simple and listed below.

  • Move to the URL
  • On this page, type your email account and password.
  • Solve the puzzle to complete the human verification.
  • Finally, click on the Sign in button and access your account.

Steps to Reset Crypto Login Password

  • Go to the Crypto login official website.
  • Then, hit the Forget Password link.
  • Or, directly open the site.
  • Now, provide your registered email address.
  • On this page tap on the Reset Password option.
  • Then, you will receive a link through an email and use it to reset your password.
  • Click on the link so that you can create a new password for the Crypto login account.

Steps to Buy Cryptocurrency on Crypto Login 

Crypto login app offers you the simple and convenient way to buy your favorite crypto assets directly in the DeFiWallet. Go through the steps to make the first purchase.

  • Connect the DeFi wallet to your Crypto login App.
  • Pick the wallet for the coins you wish to purchase.
  • Set up the wallet to the Crypto login App account. 
  • Make sure that you have linked your credit or debit card with the Crypto login App.
  • Open the Crypto login app on your device and click on the official Crypto login symbol in blue color.
  • Then, on the next pop-up screen tap on the Buy icon visible at the bottom.
  • Now, you can select the coin you wish to buy.
  • Remember if the coin you want to buy is supported by two or more networks, then choose the desired network.
  • Type the amount and pick a credit/debit card.
  • Then, you get 15 seconds to check the details and confirm the purchase.
  • Now, enter the Crypto login App account passcode. And complete the 3DS verification, for your card issuer.
  • That’s it now, wait for the coins to arrive.

Some Common Login Issues of Crypto Login and Solutions 

We all face minor technical glitches while operating online platforms which cause delayed transactions & other trading errors. In this section we will talk about some of the issues and find a way to fix those issues.

  • You may repeatedly face incorrect password messages due to which you are unable to access the Crypto login account.
  • Sometimes users face Crypto down problems.
  • Users may receive error messages.
  • Account blockage problem.
  • And the most problematic is the Account Hacked issue which can cause a lot of trouble to users.

You can use the below solutions to resolve your problem.

  • Use the incognito window to log in to your Crypto login account.
  • Leave your account for some time and try again later.
  • Login through another device or web browser. 
  • Reset the password.  
  • And if you still find an issue then contact Crypto login professionals and regain the access of your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: what can I do to add money in my Crypto login account?

Answer: Follow the stepwise process given here.

  • Go to the Card section.
  • Hit the Top up option.
  • Then, Pick Fiat wallet.
  • Now, load the amount in USD. 
  • And confirm your transaction. 

Question: Is my account on Crypto login safe?

Answer: Crypto login is a legit, trustworth, well-established online trading platform with millions of users around the world. It is a Registered Company in Hong Kong and was established in 2016.

Question: How can I withdraw my USD from a Crypto login account?

Answer: Go to the home page of Crypto login.

  • Hit the Transfer > withdraw icon.
  • Press the Add Bank Account or pick the desired bank account.
  • Then, check the USD withdrawal details, & press Confirm.